Went to a riajuu date with my boyfriend after CNY.
We wanted to watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. 8")))

We decided to watch 2 movies, The Great Wall and RE.


The Great Wall is good because Andy Lau is handsome.
The story isn't too awesome and it clearly doesn't have the historical facts right (Women in military? Nah) but the visual is great.
3/10 for story. Plain plot.
8/10 for visual.

We had lunch before RE.
Decided to eat Shihlin at the Food Court.
Food Court in MOI is quite comfy now, they just renovated it, I guess?
Now they have playing ground for kids too.





Somehow the first picture got so many likes in Instagram, I don't know why. lol
It has 90+ likes now, I think?

Anyway, I ordered oyster meesua. It didn't taste good, sadly.
But at least for now my curiosity is over.

Their XXL Crispy Chicken is a bless as always.


MOI still had CNY decoration when we went there.


I'm not sure if the stage is fully functional. lol

Now for the RE: Final Chapter. We went for 4DX.



Damn "The Final Chapter" is not so final. 8"))

The plot went flat. I expected the old characters to come back but I only saw Claire.... WHY.... WHERE IS MY LI BING-BING--- I MEAN, ADA WONG?!
It's more like bicycle ad than an actual movie.
Nice job BMW, it's zombie apocalypse but you're still developing new models for Umbrella. lololol
Exciting movie anyway. But the plot is just no no.

That's all. I'm glad we didn't explode after the riajuu date.
We're still weaboo inside. lol

I got other things to write about.
I haven't posted about Comifuro8. I'm too lazy to take my loot pics. 8"DDD
Maybe later. I need to clean my room. orz

Chinese New Year 2017

It's been a while since my last update.

I just reached a whole new level of lazy. I retouched my pictures on Instagram. lol
I'm too lazy to use Photoshop.
And somehow my eyes are so tired. orz

Anyway, I had CNY dinner with my grandma, uncles, aunts, and cousin.
I don't live with my parents anymore. They live next door, though.


The next day I got angpao. More angpao than I expected. 8"))


Screw the money, that Pikachu angpao is precious. 8"DDD

That's all I guess.

Carl's Jr Promo

Went to Carl's Junior last Friday because they have buy 1 get 1 promo.


Buy 1 Memphis BBQ Burger and get 1 Famous Star Burger for IDR 64k. It's a good deal, I think.


I took the Memphis one while my boyfriend had the Famous Star one. (Sorry not sorry)

That's all for today~

Offline Meeting in Neo Soho and Central Park

Recently I met new friends through Cherry and her "Gacha Asin" group. (Literally means "Salty Gacha" and all of us are salty lol)

Long story short, we decided to hold an offline meeting in Neo Soho/Central Park on January 2nd.

Met Cherry in Central Park. They still got Christmas decoration.


Neo Soho is a new mall, the department store hasn't even opened yet. There's a restaurant where you can eat while watching the penguins by the way. It was so crowded so we didn't go there. lol
(Later I found out that the minimum purchase is IDR 300k and you have to pay extra fee to feed the penguins)

We decided to eat lunch in Go Curry.

I ordered mild brown curry with tika-masala-something chicken.


The drink's nice too. I ordered passion fruit with lemon.


After dinner we walked here and there but we decided to go back to Central Park. Went to Tokio Kitchen to buy drinks.


Place is cozy but the tax isn't. 8"DDD


I ordered Sweet Berry something, I forgot the name. There's a drink called Pilgrim Punch and I couldn't help myself but to instantly remember Scott Pilgrim. lol

Then we went to Gramedia. I bought Tokyo Ghoul finally. 8"DDD
(I'm glad the censorship isn't too harsh)

Then I went home by Transjakarta.

Once again thanks to Cherry, Chelsea (Cherry's little sister and she's super cute), Theo, Jo, Erwin, and Yoga.

At this point I am still surprised why nobody actually poison Yoga for having 12 SSRs in his FGO account. We should have just murdered him, his account can be sold for a good price. 8"))

By the way my writing skill sucks so this post sounds so plain but believe me, I had so much fun!

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year.

I spent my New Year with fast food.

I ate pizza with my boyfriend in Domino's Pizza Buaran, it's near my campus.


The next day, my dad also bought me pizza. (It's from Domino's too)


And today my dad gave me KFC for lunch. w


The white rice is so.... white. lol

The pictures are shitty. Hahahaha.






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